• My favorite dyes

    Goldenrod is such a giving plant that creates a brilliant colour that stands up to light and washing. Indigo is a completely different process with which I enjoy the intricacies of building and maintaining colour / creating new colours.

  • From My Own Backyard

    I can find Tansy, Goldenrod, Apple Tree Bark, Alder Cones, Acorns, and the invasive Curly Dock (which I handle with extreme care as to not spread its seeds). I am lucky to also forage for various leaves to do eco-printing on fabric.

  • Sustainable Fabrics

    Lately my collections have been utilizing hemp, linen, organic cotton and silk fabrics. I also love using upcycled fabrics as a way to lessen my impact on the planet, and get a lot of satisfaction giving these fibres a second life. 

  • What is 'Slow Fashion'?

    Basically, the opposite of "fast fashion", which has many negative consequences for our planet and the quality of life for those working in that industry. My garments are 100% made in Nova Scotia with quality and sustainability being much more important than quantity ("small batch" clothing).

  • How is it Ethically Made?

    I have a very deliberate process with the fabrics I choose and my foraging practices for dye materials. These ethos determine how I calculate the costs of my own labour and create a balance between work and life. Whenever possible, the services/products that keep me in business are from local sources.

  • Foraging for Materials

    I am grateful to live in a place where so much of my dye materials grow in abundance. However, the function these natural materials have in nature is important to me, and I do not take too much. I am careful not to contribute to spreading invasive plants when gathering or disposing of seed-bearing species.

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